Engineering Services at the highest level
  There’s no doubt about it: We are fascinated time and again by new technologies. Mostly we notice and admire only that which immediately meets the eye: The excellent design, impressive “power”, or sophisticated functionality. As a rule, however, what really matters remains invisible..

  Quietly hidden, often tucked away behind a façade of metal and plastic, beats the heart of all modern technical systems and devices: A complex electronic that controls and coordinates the basic functions.
  Whether the onboard electronics in a car, an emergency dispatching system, an air traffic control system, or a satellite - without tailor-made bits and bytes, sophisticated circuitry, and powerful modules - in other words, without reliable and perfectly coordinated hard- and software components, the result would simply be: "no go".
  As a specialist for systems engineering and hard- and software development, the SysDesign group ensures that highly developed technology functions flawlessly at all times and under all conditions - through intelligent and comprehensive engineering services for technical spheres of application.